【Our Thoughts】
“The product concept started as a for seniors in their 60s and beyond When I saw a fashionable and energetic senior in the present age, I could not find fashionable products in conventional high chairs, and I made a chair that considered the environment and health from manufacturing to disposal that does not get tired of thimble. We planned to help everyone with a compact and stable design, thank you very much.”

1.Eco-friendly materials
├We consider the environment and health from manufacturing to disposal, such as fanicalinolyum with antibacterial action, adhesive with reduced formaldehyde release, and urethane with zero carbon dioxide emission.

2. With removable side table
├ Because I use the material which I play even if I spill water, I can wipe it off easily. If left for a long time, it may cause stains.

3. Antimicrobial sheets
├ The elbow area where the skin touches directly is made of antibacterial material.

4. The angle of the reclining can be adjusted in small increments.

5.4-stage seat adjustment function

6. Design incorporating a lattice that fits both Japanese and Western-style rooms

7. With anti-stain cover

8.Wood beeswax wax finish
├ In order to take advantage of the texture and texture of the wood, we avoid coating urethane coating and use natural paint beeswax wax.

Comfortable chair

Comfortable chair

Comfortable chair Comfortable chairComfortable chair