Nitrile Gloves

It is delivered directly to our factory, and it is in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law by a formal inspection organization in Japan.

Nitrile Gloves Powder-Free Latex Free

Nitrile Gloves Powder-Free Latex Free

Ingredients: Vinyl Nitrile

Specifications: Latex-free (no natural rubber), powder-free (no powder), no fingertip embossing, non-sterilization
Application: Cooking Food Processing Cleaning Home Vegetable Garden Machine Nursing Pet Care Car Wash Light Work Toilet Bathroom Washroom
Color: Blue
Hand orientation: Left and right side
Country of Origin: Made in China

Food Sanitation Law compliant products (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370) "Standards for food, additives, etc." compliant products It is safe to use for food processing and cooking!
It is a product that is easy to find and difficult to mix even if it is torn by any chance, using an extremely rare blue color in the ingredients.
The three-way design (top surface, left and right sides) allows for removal according to the usage method.
Convenient left and right combined type, you can use it without waste.
It is elastic, smooth and comfortable to use.
It is suitable for detailed work and powder-free (no powder) without worrying about rough hands.
The ultra-thin finish allows you to use it like bare hands.

[Precautions for use]

  • Please do not use it for any purpose other than the original use.
  • This product is a single used-up type glove.
  • Depending on your constitution, itching, rash, rash, etc. may occur. If you feel any abnormalities, stop using and consult a doctor.
  • Please use it after confirming that it may penetrate into this product due to chemicals, solvents, etc. and may not be usable.
  • Don't touch hot objects, there is a risk of burns.
  • Be careful not to scratch the tip of the nails, sharp objects, etc. with sharp objects. Doing so may cause water leaks.
  • Do not use for electrical work, there is a risk of electric shock.
  • To maintain quality, store in a cool place with little moisture as much as possible to avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures, and use as soon as possible.
  • Do not use for examination, medical examination, treatment, or handling of infected medical materials.