Dear sir

Early Autumn Weather I would like to congratulate you on your continued prosperity.
We would like to express
our sincere gratitude for your exceptional patronage, and we will exhibit our
new products "Eco-food container, Yasuragi High Chair and Basic" at the 94th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2022
, one of the largest in Japan.

At the exhibition, we will explain our commitment to the environment in an easy-to-understand manner, and
you can actually experience the charm of the product by picking it up.

I would like to offer it to everyone who has received daily patronage.

Time September 07, 2022 (Wed) ~ 09 (Fri) (3 days) Time Between 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Last day until 17:00)

Meeting place Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall 1 ~ 6 Hall Place East 6

I would like to inform you with this briefly.


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